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Vision วิสัยทัศน์

Committing to develop and provide total packaging solutions as well as related products to create the highest satisfaction for all customers with mutual growth in the economy, society, and environment.

Missions พันธกิจ

Emphasizing on development of innovations, products, and services in compliance with international standards to meet diverse needs, along with the delivery of values to all stakeholders as follows.

Customers ลูกค้า

Delivering good experience by providing high-quality products to create the highest satisfaction for all customers.

Partners คู่ค้า

Creating utmost benefits in business operations with mutual trust for long-term growth.

Employees พนักงาน

Enhancing employees’ potentials and drive the readiness of knowledge along with the improvement of the quality of life of employees of all levels.

Society and Communities สังคมและชุมชน

Giving back to the society by providing a transparent and fair business operations under the principles of Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Mr. Vapee Bhirom Bhakdi

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Message from the chairman สารจากประธานกรรมการ

For over 40 year, Bangkok Glass Public Company Limited (BG), Thailand’s leading glass producer, has always upheld its codes of conduct in doing business and is determined to offer a wide array of glass products and outstanding services to its customers, in addition to taking into consideration the value and benefits of all stakeholders: customers, employees, community members, and the environment.

In 2017, the company aims to improve its production and services in order to be able to cater to every needs of its customers while ensuring growth and development in a sustainable fashion through human resource development, structural reform, enhancement of product quality, and environmental protection, all of which are the main business strategies for BG to drive sales and profits in both domestic and overseas markets.

Lastly, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to our shareholders, customers, and business partners for their trust and support and offer my thanks to all the executives and all fellow employees for their hard work and dedication. The company is committed to bring innovation to its products and to meet the demand of its customers, while at the same time seeking new opportunities in Thailand and abroad as well as caring for every individual involved.